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    How SpunWrite Works

    SpunWrite is powered by a vast network of pre-qualified, NATIVE ENGLISH-SPEAKING content writers, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you submit an article (or articles) to SpunWrite for rewriting, each article is split into smaller “snippets,” and these pieces of your article are then distributed throughout our network. These snippets are carefully rewritten, and then sent back to SpunWrite, where they are automatically reassembled, in order, into new, unique articles, ready for you to download.
    The entire process is quick and painless, and most users can expect to receive notification via e-mail that their articles are ready for download within a few hours—not the days or weeks you could expect if you hired a writer yourself.

    Since each writer only receives a portion of your original article, you never have to worry about your content being stolen. And since every sentence is rewritten by human hands, you can rest assured that your spun article will be well-written and maximally unique.

    Of course, we understand that there may be certain keywords, key phrases, or URLs that you don’t want rewritten. In fact, any URLs included in your article will NEVER be spun, and you may specify a list of keywords with each submitted article that should not be changed.

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