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    Uses for SpunWrite's Spun (Rewritten) Articles

    We all know that SpunWrite is the absolute best way for you to spin your articles into multiple, unique versions. But did you know that submitting your articles to article directories is only one of a multitude of ways you can use your rewritten articles to increase website traffic, search engine visibility, and make more money?

    Check out some of our favorite uses for your SpunWrite spun articles below:

    1. Submit to article directories—This is probably why you’re here, so you already know that submitting unique articles to the top article directories is the best way to quickly (and ethically) obtain those all-important relevant one-way links to your site, increasing your search engine rankings and visitors.
    2. Use as content on your own sitesNeed some content for your websites fast? We all do. And with SpunWrite, you get all the unique content you can handle, fast.
    3. Use as newsletter contentOffer your spun articles to newsletter publishers for another easy way to reach thousands of potential visitors (and customers).
    4. Spin and/or sell your PLR articles—PLR articles, or Private Label Rights articles, are original articles that are sold with no copyright protection, so you are free to use them as content on your site. These can be a great source of quality content, provided that 1000 others didn’t purchase and use the exact same articles on their site. But with SpunWrite, you can transform your PLRs into truly original content that will not be duplicated on other sites.
    And what if you could offer unique PLR articles to everyone who wanted to purchase content? Spin your original articles with SpunWrite, and sell the transformed versions as PLRs!
    5. Provide/Exchange Content with other sites—Every good website needs content. What if you could offer unique and useful content to dozens of webmasters with sites related to yours (embedded with links back to you, of course), without having to actually write all of it? With SpunWrite, you can.
    Content Exchanges are “content swaps” between related websites—you write an article for publication on another website, and you receive an article in return that you agree to publish on one of your sites. You both get new content for your site, and one-way links back to your site from your spun article. Keep an eye on this strategy—it’s going to become one of the most potent SEO strategies in the coming months, and many new sites facilitating these types of exchanges are popping-up (for example, ever hear of StomperNet? This is one of their “secret strategies”)!
    6. Test different copy to see which converts best—With SpunWrite, you can now do the previously impractical and impossible— split-test multiple versions of website copy, and track which converts (gets customers to click a link, sign-up for newsletters, or buy a product/service) the best! This strategy alone has the potential to REVOLUTIONIZE internet marketing!