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    Just follow these simple instructions:
    1.  Copy and paste, or type, your article into the form on the right. 
    Please note the following:
    * IF YOU'D LIKE YOUR TITLE SPUN AS WELL, PLEASE INCLUDE IT IN THE MAIN ARTICLE TEXT BOX.  DO NOT PREFACE IT WITH "Title:" or include any words in your article that you do not want spun into your rewritten versions.  (The "Title" text box is for naming your group of articles so that you may locate them easily in your "Purchased Articles" listed in your account, and is NOT SPUN.)
    * By default, any proper nouns (e.g., names of people or places, brand names, etc.) WILL NOT BE CHANGED.  You should enter any additional  words or phrases that YOU DO NOT WANT SPUN into the "keywords" box (enter "none" if you have no keywords).
    * URLs contained within the article text WILL NOT be changed.  However, for best results, and to ensure that any URLs remain intact, you may wish to not include these in your article.
    2.  Enter the number of spun versions, or rewrites you would like for each article in the "How Many Rewrite Articles?" boxYou can click "Calculate Amount" after entering your article to see the cost of that particular order.
    3.  Either click "Save and Add Another Article" to repeat the process for a new article, or go to "Checkout" to complete your order!
    That's it!  Now get to spinning, and get to winning (customers, search engine rankings, etc.)!!

    (You may still submit articles now if you don't have an account yet--you'll create one as part of the checkout process.)

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