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  • SpunWrite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1.What is SpunWrite?
    SpunWrite is a new article rewrititng/spinning service. You submit your articles, and they are rewritten into unique versions by human beings, not software. Your spun articles are then made available for download at your convenience, usually within a few hours.
    2.Are my articles rewritten by real, human writers?
    Yes, we use technology only to facilitate the distribution of your articles to our network of qualified human writers.

    3.What is the “duplicate content filter,” and how does it affect my article marketing efforts?
    Search engines have billions, if not trillions, of web pages to sort through. As such, when a search engine finds multiple similar copies of an article or other bit of content on the web, it usually selects one of the copies for inclusion in its search results, and ignores the rest. This means that if your content is identical (or similar enough) to other content already indexed, it will be relegated to the nether-regions of the web—in other words, it will not be indexed by the search engine, and any links (say, back to your site) that content may include will be discounted. Only by providing unique content will the search engines be willing to include your site in its results, and count any links in that content as “votes” for the sites linked to.
    4.Do you offer a guarantee on your services?
    Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and we’ll try our best to make it right if you’re displeased with your rewritten articles. If we are unable to fix whatever problem you may have, we will be happy to promptly refund your money.
    5.How do I cancel my account?
    Please log in to your account, click the "Support" link located on the horizontal navigation bar beneath the main page header, and submit your account details (e-mail address, name, city, state, etc.) and your request for cancellation via our online support form.

    6.How much does it cost?
    With SpunWrite, you only pay for what you need. Pricing is based on article length and number of rewrites requested. All prices are calculated automatically at checkout. See the chart below for our pricing tiers and sample orders:
    Number of Words per ArticlePrice Per WordPrice Per Article (Up to 4 Spun Versions)Discounted Price per Article for 5-9 Spun Versions OrderedDiscounted Price Per Article for 10-14 Spun Versions OrderedDiscounted Price Per Article for Orders of 15 or More Spun Versions























































    7.What is article marketing?
    The most effective way to increase your search-engine rankings is to acquire one-way text links from another site to yours. “One-way” simply means that you are not linking back to that site, such as you would with a reciprocal exchange of links. The search engines see these incoming links to your site as a measure of its quality and popularity—it’s as if these other sites are “voting” for your site.
    Article directories are excellent sources for these one-way links—you simply include a few links back to your site in the body of the article, and/or in the author’s resource box that is almost always included at either the beginning or end of the article, and when the article directory publishes your article, and others use your article in their own websites, you get automatic incoming links. It’s like voting for yourself.

    8.Why should I use SpunWrite?
    Quite simply, it’s the fastest and easiest way to spin your articles! If you’ve ever tried to find a good writer on E-lance, or have wasted hours trying to format articles for software spinner programs, you know how frustrating and time-consuming (and disappointing) the process of rewriting articles can be. With SpunWrite, simply submit your articles, and receive the human-rewritten versions within a few hours—no other article spinning solution comes close to the quality, speed, and simplicity of SpunWrite!

    9.Why shouldn’t I just buy some “content spinning” software?
    I understand—it sounds so tempting—simply click a few buttons, and hundreds of unique articles magically appear! If only it were that simple. What they don’t tell you about software spinners is that it typically takes as much time to set-up an article to be spun as it does to write an entirely new article! And you have to think of all the possible variations yourself! Not to mention that the so-called “articles” these programs spit out are, for the most part, incoherent and unusable.
    Remember, people and search engines are looking for quality content—not gibberish. With SpunWrite, you can finally create dozens, if not hundreds, of coherent, human-written, quality articles in the time it would probably take you to figure out how to use an article spinning program!
    For support requests, please log in to your account, and click the "Support" option located on the horizontal navigation bar below the main header graphics.  There you will find an online form to submit your question.
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